Erika Nation Events - "Relax... and cast your cares upon me because I care for you"!

Erika (Cast Your Cares Event Planning) is a true professional planner and an excellent event coordinator. Rosa and I chose Erika to coordinate our wedding and although it was the biggest wedding in town, it certainly had it's challenges and Ms. Erika handled everyone of them like a pro.We could not have been happier with Erika and her work with us and our vendors. Her greatest asset was no more evident and very much on display, the day of our wedding. Wow... Erika was spot on from start to finish, keeping all those involved with our special day, on time and together. From getting my bride's hair and makeup finished (with photos!) and into the limo to the church ON TIME, to making sure all of our guests were enjoying the reception (photos of us at each table), and then keeping us on time leaving the reception and off to our life as husband and wife.
Just a well done job all around.I would like to complement Erika on her beautiful
decorations for the reception (tables, cake tables, etc,) and her expert management the
guest seating chart (which is not and easy chore) ....Rosa and I were so impressed with
Erika's work coordinating our wedding, we do plan to chose Cast Your Cares again with upcoming professional and special events (milestone birthdays and charity functions). Thanks again Erika! You are a dream to work with and you helped us truly enjoy our very special day!
~Rosa and Pete ~ Wedding

" My husband had no idea about his surprise Dinner in The Dirt Party. Erika came up with the idea and theme and al I did was wrote the checks and showed up. Everything was perfect. My guest loved her and so did we. She brought a certain respect, love and
happiness to our home and guest. Thank you Erika"!
~ Tracy J. ~ Party

" I played a valuable part in planning my wedding. As much as I wanted everything my way, Erika allowed it and still kept me on tack and headed in the right direction. There were so many small yet important things I overlooked that Erika brought to the forefront. Having her on board was simply the icing on the cake for my wedding. It was simply beautiful. "Thank you Erika. You were able to cater to all of our needs the entire weekend. You made us feel like we were guest n your home not a hotel. Because of you our day and weekend with family and friends was breath taking"!
~ Jennifer and Jay ~ Wedding

“I contacted Erika through a friend. I came to the first consultation not sure of what I wanted. By the time we were ending I was excited anticipating my event to come. Erika handled everything from finances to vendors, decor, purchases I mean everything. I literally showed up to my event. To allow me to remain stress free and to really handle the weight of everything shows the ability that she has to take her business to the next level. ENE is the best kept secret that deserves to be seen worldwide! 
~ Yasmine ~ Event Gala


"Erika was the key to helping me Surprise my husband with 2 weekends of activities for his birthday, I let her know I was swamped at work & did not have time to research anything- she sent me so many AMAZING things for great prices. I don’t know what I would have done with out her.  As her motto says I cast my cares and she cared ( HOOKED me up) for us. THANKS
~ Anette ~ Party

"The truth is I was a true bridezilla and my groom was a true groomzilla! I started working with Erika 4-5 months before my wedding. A wedding planner was never apart of my plans/budget.We decided to use the venues coordinator until we got a shocking surprise she was no longer with the venue, and there was no replacement. Our florist referred us to CYC and thank God she did! If I had known what I know now Erika would have been the FIRST vender on my list she was a dream to work with and exceeded my expectations. There were intense moments were instead of reacting or immediately responding, Erika let us know she was walking away for
the moment but would be back. And when she returned we were amazed at how she never made us feel like we were too much. She took a deep breath and pushed through! She went above and beyond to make my day special I could not thank her enough I felt like a celebrity the day of. She was with me every step of the way leading up to the big day ensuring everything would run smoothly and it did :-)

I did not have a single guest complain to me in fact guest complimented how great of a job my wedding planner was doing and how her staff made sure they wanted for nothing. Erika and her staff are very professional on time pay attention to detail and will make your dream come alive. If there’s a issue you will not know about it trust me when I say she is worth it :-) my husband and I are so thankful.
~ Danyell ~ Wedding

"Erika was amazing! We hired her as a day of coordinator about a month before our wedding - admittedly late in the game. As the date approached we realized more and more that it would be really nice to have someone at the venue who could competently make sure that everything was going as planned. Erika's ability to listen to our vision and assure us that we were on the right track helped us relax so much more during the last month of planning! On the day of our wedding, neither one of us had to worry for one second that things weren't going well in our absence.

I had 100% confidence that Erika had my back as a bride....and everything went SO smoothly. The greatest thing of all was knowing that even if things didn't go smoothly, I didn't have to hear about it because I knew Erika would take care of it without having to involve me. Hiring a wedding coordinator in the final stages of planning could have been hugely expensive, but Erika had just gotten engaged herself and treated my wedding exactly how she would have wanted a coordinator to cater to her! Erika was able to work within our very tight budget! Cast Your Cares Inc. was worth every penny!
~ Amy  ~ Month/Day Of Wedding

"Erika  was the first vendor I contacted and locked in for my wedding.  the catch was she only had 45 days to coordinate.  She helped us to find a venue, choose a caterer, select a photographer, and secured all of our other vendors. It was especially helpful having someone prescreen our vendors. Everyone we met knew our vision for the day and already knew our budget - very helpful! Leading up to the wedding, she was very reassuring and triple checked very detail so we didn't have to. On the day of the event, Erika and her team provided excellent service. All we had to worry about was having a good time. Several of our guests remarked it was the best wedding they had ever been to and I have to agree!
~ Carol ~ Month/Day Of Wedding

"I was so nervous on my wedding day that I could not remember who I was. But didn't have to Cast Your Cares staff took care of everything. From the first day of planning to the wedding night. Erika even took my bride to be shopping on several occasions to ensure she felt amazing about herself every step of the way. I remember many times having the staff at my home for meetings with me and my bride and also the whole wedding party. Even on my wedding night Erika brought my suit cases and pick up the tuxedo to return them for me the next day. When we arrived at our hotel suite, Erika even had that set up for us with roses, candles ,champagne and something sexy for my bride to put on for me. If you want to have a wonderful stress free event call on Cast Your Cares staff."
~ Kenneth ~ Wedding

"Erika was an absolute dream come true. I wanted the anti-bride wedding, and she totally understood me! There were a moments were I became emotional with the idea of a traditional wedding and Erika stayed on the phone while I cried until she was able to calm me and move on.That was beyond her call of duty. There were even a few times we had disagreements but we did not walk away until we both were in a better space. She made a vow to be with me every step of the way and kept her promise as  we worked through tough moments. A true woman of her word.  She gave us all the insider tips and spread sheets so we could do as much or as little of the planning, as we wanted. When we were feeling scared and confused, Erika stepped in and was our friend and confidant, helping us to relax and feel taken care of. When we wanted to change our minds and shake things up, she supported us with grace, strength, and humor. She made our lives easier and breezier! Thank you, Erika. You really know your stuff! "
~ Kelly  ~ Wedding

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